Hi there!
We've had a fabulous day today.
We've been to the Peak District to go to the Blue John Mine.  Had such an adventure getting there as dear old Satnav definitely preferred the scenic route!
The cave is 115m deep and there are loads of steps.  Blue John is a semi-precious stone, which looks a bit like amethyst in the ground, but is a deep, dark blue when it's polished.  The jewellery's quite expensive though.
I am actually scared of heights, so it amazes me that I can go down and down and not be bothered.  As far as I know, I'm claustrophobic, so I was pleased I was fine to be so far down in the ground.  It wasn't a warm day on the surface, but it was pretty cold down there, I have to say (around 7 degrees I think).  It is a fascinating place, though, and I'm so glad we went.  We haven't been since the children were quite young.

After that, we drove on to Eyam plague village.  Basically this village was hit by the plague in 1665 and the powers that be
 decided to close the entire village.  No one was allowed to enter or leave, and in this way they
survived the plague.
The irony of this is not wasted on me, because we got there and the village was closed!  Not the hall,
the church, the museum or even the corner shop.  
We did have a bit of a giggle, to be honest.

And now I'm going to have to explain why there is a toy garlic on my head!
I go to Slimming World and the Consultant has been giving these to people to take them home for 
a week.  If you volunteer to have one of the Goodness Gang, you have to commit to taking 21 
photos for the week you have her (there are others, like Kristoph Carrot and Suzy Strawberry).
So clearly I have volunteered to 'host' Georgia Garlic for the week.  We are going to be busy, 
so she's going to be a very worn out little garlic by the time she goes back next Saturday!

After this we drove on to Chatsworth for some lunch (because Eyam was closed, remember?)
There are much nicer photos of it than this one one on the internet, but this will have to do.  We
used to live near here and I love it every time we come.  We had a lovely lunch, and then it was
time to set off for home.
Georgia totally enjoyed her day out.

Flopping down exhausted now.   I think that climb back out of the cave has done it!
Back soon.
Jane x


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