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Card For Joan

Here's a little something to show you:

Sorry the picture quality's not all that great, and unfortunately I've given the card to the recipient so no chance of taking another pic now.
I had such fun making this, but I'm going to be honest.  The SU tulip embossing folder is a very strange size (unless I'm doing it wrong!)  If you used it on a card it would be very small, and I'm really struggling with this.  In the end I embossed a piece of Pool Party cardstock and cut the whole thing out and mounted it on a white piece of card stock as the only good way of doing it.
The stamp I recently bought from a woman on a facebook group (which I will never do again as long as I live - what a saga that turned out to be!) and it is truly lovely.  I'm going to be using it for my Christmas cards this year, which I'm very pleased with too, but can't show you yet.
The stamps are from the old Fresh Vintage stamp set, which I still love.
All the staff signed the card …

Project Life Pages

Hello, I'm back again with some more from my new mini album. I love the fact that this is basically an A5 book, so any sheets of A5 paper fit into it perfectly.
I always used to do The Simple Woman's Daybook, which is actually a blog, but it's great for journaling prompts too.  I try to do it every month.  Here are a couple of pages of what's been going on:

This is actually a pad of writing paper I bought from 'the book man' at work.  It's got lots of sticky notes with it and the colour scheme is perfect for my pool party/more mustard combo.  I love owls anyway, they are always welcome in my crafting!

We've had a bit of a saga with sofas this year, so I decided to take a photo of our new one.  It's such a relief after having two chairs that were really uncomfortable and awkward.  I've photographed my dressing table as John ordered it as a surprise as I've never really had one and it's perfect.  I've used Spice Cake paper again and ma…

Card For Anthea

Evening everyone!
I'm gradually working my way through my card list for November and December.  Here's the latest creation:
I've managed to use up some Everyday Enchantment dsp for this card.  The stamp is one from the Simple Soft stamp set.  I still adore these. I do love my days off work, where I get lots of time to craft.
It's a good job really, as I've recently got my eldest daughter into Project Life. We are both doing December Daily this year.  I've made some cards for my daughter to use in her album.  Hope she likes them. Back soon Jane x

Style Change

Hi everyone!
I hope you're all well and getting plenty of time to craft - whatever form that takes!  I was invited to do a demonstration of art journaling to my church group on Wednesday night.  I wasn't nervous but I didn't expect people to think much of my paltry efforts, but actually when I explained what had lead me to make each one, they were very well received.  I demonstrated different inks and what they do, plus masks, spray inks etc and everyone really seemed to enjoy it.
I've noticed in my own crafting a shift in style recently too.  I think I've been influenced by Project Life and some of the funkier designs around at the moment.  Because I work in a care home and mainly make cards for the residents there, they tend to be very pretty and nearly always have some kind of flowers on them.  But there is another side of me that's really appreciating some of the more funky creations I'm seeing on Pinterest recently.
This has been reflected in my own ca…

Card For Sadie

Hello all,
I seem to be spending every spare minute making something at the moment, whether it's cards or stuff  for my PL folder (or my daughter's!) or preparing my first ever December Daily, my desk is never clear.
Don't you  think we have the best hobby ever?  It's perfect because it doesn't depend on the weather (speaking as someone who had a horse for years, being able to stay snug indoors and craft means a great deal to me).  It's a hobby that doesn't depend on anyone else for enjoyment.  When you have a horse, unless you have your own land, there is always someone telling you to bring your horse in, sweep up, tidy up, don't let your horse do that, you can't go in the school because so-and-so got there first etc.  I love being able to craft what I want, when I want, for as long as I want, that's what makes this hobby so special for me.
I need to make loads of cards for residents in November and December.  Here is the latest one:

I've s…

Hexagon Fun

Hi guys!
I've been very, very busy on the Project Life front and have joined two brilliant groups on facebook, but I have made some changes too.  As soon as I've got some piccies ready, I'll update you on my progress.
In the meantime, I've been extremely busy on the card-making front as well.  I work in a care home and I make a card for each resident on their birthdays for all the staff to sign.  I had no idea there were so many in November and December.  This is partly why I haven't been on here so regularly, I've actually been making the cards and thoroughly enjoying this amazing hobby.
As well as that I run a card swap group.  There are ten members and we make a card for one other person in the group each month.  This is the card I made for Aileen Skene's birthday in October:

I saw something similar on Pinterest (if I ever find it again I promise I'll credit it) using a different dsp of course.  I am actually winning the battle to get through my dsp …