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Apothecary Fun

Good morning crafty peeps!  At last we have some sunshine and I have a day off.  I have bought some new crafty goodies and am looking forward to doing some work with them later today, but in the meantime, here is a card I made recently:
I saw a card like this on Pinterest and decided I really must have a go, as I obviously have this paper, from the Twitterpated set.  This set of dsp is actually quite diverse, isn't it?  Most of it is flowery, then this pops up.  This is the first time I've used any Basic Gray cardstock, too, which I really enjoyed.  I am fascinated by the yellow and grey combination, and want to explore this further, as one of the residents at work has a little box with grey and yellow flowers on, and every time I see it it makes me want to run home and start stamping!
The original card doesn't have the section of embossed cardstock that I stuck down the front, but that's because I picked up the card as it was, and got grease on it!  Aahhh!  So I quick…

Tea For Trudy

Hello everyone, I can hardly believe it's been just over a week since my last post.  I have actually just worked nine days without a break, and although it wasn't all strenuous, I'm so glad to be having some days off.  I've completed my course work (what a relief!) so now it's time for some crafting.
I've recently made this for one of the residents, whose birthday was on Tuesday.  If there's one thing you can say about Trudy, it's that she loves her cups of tea, so I had to go with this:
Although I'm always saying I'm not very good at challenge blogs, when you make a card for someone you know, you quite often have a challenge of your own, don't you?  On this card, I knew I wanted to use my tea cup stamps (from Do Crafts, I think) and the papers from that set as I have so many left. Sometimes I might see a card on Pinterest and it's not necessarily the whole card I want to try, but just a certain aspect of it.  In this case, I've seen…

Cards For Men - It Must Be Lurve!

Hello everyone!  It's still a bit nippy, isn't it?  We've had snow all day.  I've been on a course in Nottingham and was worried about getting home, but we've made it.
The good thing was, we had a late start so I had a chance to photograph the Valentine card I've made for John while he was out of the house!
The other blog challenge I want to keep up with this year is the Cards For Men challenge.  This is challenge no. 3 and they want to see Valentine, Anniversary cards etc, so here is my entry:
So many cards on the internet are pink, aren't they?  But as most cards are made by women to give to the important man in their lives, I just wondered if there ought to be more of a focus on masculine cards.  I've seen a few cards like this though, and love this kind of design and just had to have a go. The base is kraft card, followed by very vanilla, which I distressed with Tim Holtz old paper ink and went round the edges with some soft suede ink, before stampi…

The Friday Mashup! #96

Evening, everyone!
I've recently decided to cut down on the number of challenge blogs I follow to help myself stay focused a bit more, so the plan is to enter the ones I've got left as often as possible.
So I've made a card for this week's Friday Mashup challenge, which is:
1. Make a project with a "Time Theme".
2. Or Make a project using the "Color Black".
3. Or "Mash it Up" and create a project with a " Time theme using the color Black".

I can't believe this challenge has come along the day after I've ordered the SU! Clockworks set.  Of course, it won't arrive in time for this challenge, so I had to get my thinking cap on.  It wasn't long before I did what any sensible girl would do, and ran to my local craft shop for inspiration.
I ended up buying an embossing folder, and this is what I made:
At first I tried embossing black cardstock, but didn't like it, so then I swapped and got some green core'dinati…

Craft Room Makeover

Well that's an imaginative title for my post, isn't it? 
Anyway, way back at the end of March last year, we moved into our new house, and this was my craft room:
The problem is, this is the room you walk into from the front door, and I thought it was a bit overwhelming for visitors.  So now I've swapped rooms, and this is now the sitting room.  Unfortunately I didn't take any before photos of the middle room, which is now my craft room.  Just take it from me that the walls were dark pink and I didn't like it at all, it was quite dark and oppressive, and more like a bedroom.
We started by stripping  the wallpaper off, and painting, so now it looks like this:

John's painted it grey, lighter at the top and dark at the bottom.  To be honest, I wanted it like this to make it lighter, and it isn't really, but apart from that I love it. 

All the furniture is from Ikea.  The large boxes hold paper, my wooden stamps and my embossing gear, whereas the little boxes …

Whatever Next?

I just have to do this...
I'm sure you've all seen the challenge blogs that use a photo of an item from a shop for inspiration.  It might be a blouse or a table cloth or something and you use the colours from the item, or maybe an element from the design, to make your card.
Well I've recently been into my local Next Home shop and am loving their products at the moment, and decided to incorporate some of them into my craft room makeover.  But when I saw some of them, I decided to share them with you, as I think they might make you smile!
This is a piece of wall art:

If you are a user of Stampin Up! products, does this not, in any way, remind you of at least one stamp set?  It looks like a combination of French Foliage and Artistic Etchings to me!  Maybe with a touch of Clearly For You thrown in.  I really had to giggle.  It made me think that if SU sold some massive stamps, this is what I'd do with them, do you know what I mean? Here's the mug I bought.  I love drink…