I'm back! Time for a Reset!

Hi there!
For a while now I've felt the need to return to Blogland.  Why?  Because I seem to be putting a lot of posts on Instagram and Facebook, and they're out there for a matter of minutes and then they're gone (especially on Instagram!)  I need a place to co-ordinate everything I'm doing, and I've decided a blog is the perfect place to do it.  
The other reason is that our house is too small and there just isn't room for files and files of paper. I love taking photos, and let's be honest, we're all taking a lot more than we used to, but what do you do with them afterwards?  I like making mini-albums and things like that, but there's no way I'd be able to print them all off and keep them.
I started flicking through my blog and was amazed at the memories that are stored on there.  I didn't trust Blogger at first, and thought it might all disappear into the ether, but my blog is still on here from our days at the farm, and it's lovely to read what I wrote at the time, so I'm so glad it's still there.
We've had a very busy couple of months, so let's get started:

I decided to follow Cori Spieker's Camp Reset for July.  Once the hubby got past my basic insanity, he was surprisingly on board with it.

We had to set up a basket from a packing list Cori supplied.  We had to pack bath treats, healthy sips and snacks, a magazine to read on camp, etc.  Obviously I packed Boney Ted, as camp isn't camp without a tent mascot.  This camp is all about self-care,which, to be honest, isn't a subject dear to my heart these days (even though I'm a carer who goes round telling people how important their personal care is!)  So we'll see how it goes!
My One Little Word this year is Thrive, and to be honest, I haven't really been feeling it, but I'm really excited about this whole thing! 
Back soon
Jane x


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