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Card For Jennie

Morning all!  I had planned to go swimming, but it's looking a bit rough out there, so I think I might have to try again tomorrow.
I'm popping in to show you a card I made for one of the Card Swap Group members earlier in the month.  I saw something similar on Pinterest (as always!) and decided to make my own version:

Just after Christmas I decided to buy some packs of ready made cards in various sizes, and I'm so glad I did because it saves the hassle of having to cut my own from A4 and there's no waste.
The bicycle is a stamp I've had for years and truly love.  It comes from Little Claire's Designs.  The butterflies are all from my Stampin Up die,  I have a stack of these in different colours in a drawer.
This turned out to be very easy to make, but as usual, quite nerve wracking when you're stamping directly onto the card base, especially when I decided to add the sentiment after I'd attached all the butterflies!  
Well I'm off to continue packing as …

Last December Daily

Hello all!
I just thought I'd pop in with a few of my favourite December Daily pictures today.  I am so pleased that I managed to do the whole thing.

I went to do some Christmas shopping in Nottingham and found the Christmas market was on, so I was thrilled that I'd taken my camera with me.  There were loads of these little cabins selling things to eat and lots of different gifts, but there was also a skating rink.  I printed the word Nottingham on my dymo label printer, then added the sticker saying, 'our winter wonderland' from the Cosy Christmas set.
We had my husband's firm's Christmas Party on the 19th.   Another photo opportunity not to be missed.  For the bottom 6x4 section I've cut down a 12x12 sheet from the Cosy Christmas basics set, which turned out to be very useful, I'm really glad I bought it.
To display the photos from my own work's Christmas party, I took a piece of the Cosy Christmas 12x12 cardstock and cut it down to 12x8.  Then I hol…

December Daily: Days 9-12

Hello All, and a happy New Year to you.  I hope you had a lovely Christmas.  Mine has been a bit peculiar because I worked on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, then I've been ill, although we did get a lovely day in with the grandchildren, watching them open their presents, which is always my favourite part of Christmas.
Unlike a lot of PL people, I don't print my photos at home, I take my memory stick to a shop in town and do it there, so I had to wait a few days to get the next batch printed and into my album.  But finally I have actually finished the whole thing, so here are the next few pages:

Day 9:  Food Shopping

Today I had to add in a food shopping list.  I must actually add a few things as this turned out only to be half of it.  Don't forget, we weren't having Christmas dinner until the 28th December!  I love the little cluster of embellishments in the bottom right corner. Definitely something I want to do more often.

Day 10: Bible Study Christmas Party

We had a meal a…