The Excitement Was Intents!

So getting into the swing of things now with Camp Reset.  I asked at church if anyone could lend me a tent, and in fact they said yes, but John said, much to my astonishment, that we may as well buy one, so off we went to Argos, and got this:

I'm having a ball sitting in here reading.  It's quite warm at the moment.  Camp Reset is all about having mindful moments and it's making me realise I don't go outdoors very often, even when it's warm.  Our garden is a surprisingly active place!  The beauty of having our own tent is that I can keep it up as long as I like and next year I can put it up in May if the weather is good enough.  I've even sat in it when it's been raining, and there's something very relaxing about reading a good book and listening to the rain drumming on the canvas.
I dare say it's only a matter of time before I spill a cup of coffee in here!
Back soon


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