Peeking Over...

I went through a bit of a 'clean and simple' phase a week ago (before my computer went down!) as I've had some ideas floating around in my head for a while, about how to use these stamps, that I've had since last year.  The first card came out like this:

The sentiment says, 'Peeking over to wish you... a happy birthday.'  The stamps and sentiments are all by Woodware.  I bought them originally to do hubby's birthday card last year, where I had a long line of the horses all looking over the wall.  We have drystone walls here, so it was very appropriate, and I coloured each horse differently to represent each horse here and it worked a treat.  This time I just wanted one horse in the centre and wanted the wall to run on so you couldn't see where it ended, hence the frame. 
I very, very rarely stamp directly onto the card base, as the margin for error is huge (it is if you're as clumsy as me, anyway.  I've never actually cut myself with a craft knife, but my ability to get ink everywhere is quite remarkable!) 
Because I chose a blue frame for this one, it obviously came out perfectly as something to send to a boy, so I set about thinking how to make one suitable for a girl, and then I realised I had a pig and pigs are, well, pink!
So here she is:
This is Gertrude, the pig I used originally as my Squigglypigs logo.  I've used masking on both of these designs, stamping the wall first, stamping it again on a post it note (perfect for this) laying the post-it over the original wall, then stamping the pig on top, so it comes out perfectly as if she's sitting on the wall.  It's so easy and so effective.  Quite cute for a little girl, I think, my granddaughter would love this.  And of course the frame is pink to finish things off nicely.  Everything's coloured with Promarkers and the sentiment says, 'Peeking over... to make you smile.' 
Well I'm off to pack for the wedding and will be away until Monday I think.  Have a great weekend everyone,
Mrs O.


  1. Very clever ideas. I peeking horse is adorable. *S*

  2. Cute cards - simple but effective. Luv Trish x


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