40th Birthday

I'm on a roll with cards for men and boys now.  Last week I had to do a 40th birthday card for a male friend of ours.  He is very into ships, and we'd bought him a book on cruise liners for his birthday, so I decided to stick with that as a theme.  I wasn't entirely happy with the card, as I thought the finished result was a bit 'young' for a man, but I would definitely make one again for one of my grandsons, as the concept is quite clever.  Here it is:
One of the sails has got 'Happy Birthday' stamped all over it, which I liked, and I like the idea of his initials and age being the registration for the boat.  I just think it needs a little more background or something, I'm not sure.
I wrapped his present just in plain brown parcel paper, but I'd stamped all over it with boats, anchors, seagulls and lifebelts, which looked really good, but that's what inspired me to make this gift tag, which I really do like:
It was really easy and fun to make.  The little anchor in the middle is heat embossed. 
Well I'm not very well at the moment, too ill to go outside, but not too ill to sit indoors and make cards, how handy is that?!  Hope you're all having a better day.
Mrs O.


  1. Great card, really like the registration number idea of initials and age - clever. The tag is so cute, you could use that on a card too. Aren't men tricky to make for?! Take care x x


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