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Hello everyone, welcome back.
Do you ever find, as crafters, that you've slipped into meeting deadlines with your card-making and have very little time to just play?  I know when I started out I did a lot more playing than I do now, so I decided this week that I was just going to play with paper and ink and it didn't matter what I made as long as I'd had fun and spent time with some of the new stamps and cardstock that I have.
The other thing is that I've wanted to make something to mark St Patrick's Day ever since I started crafting, but it's pointless making a card because I haven't got anyone to give it to.
Then I saw this inspirational sketch at Mojo Monday, a challenge blog I've been following for a while:

I decided to use it as a basis to make a plaque for St Patrick's Day.  Here it is:
I cut a piece of corrugated card 5x7 and covered it with one of the green papers from the Papermania verde collection.  I wrapped it round and stuck it at the back which made it feel like a notebook cover.  I had a dither because my heart said 'use a doiley' but in the sketch it shows a circle with a scallop background.  I had a look at some of the other entries and several people have used doilies so I felt free to follow my instinct.  Now, although it's only a tiny feature on here, the whole point of making this was that I wanted to use little love hearts to make a shamrock, which is what I've done here.  I punched out the hearts, stuck them to the doily, distressed it and put it through the Bigshot in a polka dot embossing folder.
The other thing I really wanted to use was this famous gaelic blessing:

As I was working I was looking around my desk where there are a couple of photos of my beautiful boy

This is Barnaby, and he is an Irish Cob.  I suddenly realised this plaque was from me to Barnaby, bearing in mind that he is for sale.  Read the words again and you'll see what I mean.
I think I have just found the inspiration for a scrapbook page!
Thanks for looking in today, I love to hear what you think of my little creations, and thankyou to everyone at Mojo Monday for creating such a great sketch to work with.
Jane xx


  1. Lovely card Jane and such beautiful words your 'boy' is so handsome....


  2. Jane, this is lovely. I especially like the flower on the top of the tag. How did you make it? Why not enter it in the Word Art Wednesday challenge http://wordartwednesday.blogspot.com/ ? I've enjoyed this challenge blog. As I don't have many people who would appreciate the items I've made I count it as my "playtime", that's why I made the journal as an item that I can keep just for me. Saying that ,the page that I made this week would make a lovely card so I might do it again sometime

    Margaret xx

  3. Oh, no, you got me crying again. Sorry, but your having to sell Barnaby is too sad for me.

    But the plaque is beautiful and the Irish Blessing is the perfect sentiment for all you're going through. I send its good wishes your way....

  4. Thank you for your kind words. I love your Irish Blessing. My headmistress at school would recite it to the leavers each year. Thanks. Zx

  5. Oh Jane that is gorgeous, it must be so hard to realise that Barnaby is going to a new home, and Ive no doubt you will miss him, you will have to keep an eye on him from a distance.
    Stunning card by the way. hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  6. I confess when I realised you're selling your beloved horse, the words of the plaque made me well up. xxx

  7. Oh Jane I didn't realise you'd be having to sell your horse. It must be heart breaking for you. It's a great idea to make a scrapbook about him and this plaque is a fitting tribute too. Sending big hugs to you. Vicky x


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