It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

We can't be the only people in life that start preparing for Christmas this early, can we?  I know some of you started making Christmas cards for challenges the minute the new year started, so technically I am quite behind.  But it's hard to feel festive when the sun is shining.
Anyway, I've decided to knuckle down and got all my Christmas card making stuff out of the drawer and spread it out on my kitchen table.  All I can say is, 'what a lot I've got!'  This threw me completely, so I decided to start by writing a list of recipients, which made life a lot easier.  I need a person in mind when I make cards.
So this is the first one, to my sister and brother in law:
It's actually on kraft card, which you can't see until you open it, but the colours go really well together.  The papers are MME but they're free, with the chipboards, from Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine and they're beautiful.  I'll probably use every bit of it.  The button is actually sewn onto the ribbon.  I love using two bits of contrasting ribbon together, and although I have a Bow Easy, I find just tying a knot like this is just as effective.  I stamped 'Joy' onto a piece of kraft card and cut it into the tag shape, just to finish it off.  I love robins, too, so I'm pleased to have some chipboards as I don't have a robin stamp.
I have made an executive decision to put the sentiment that I want to put.  I can't stand having to print out 'To a daughter and son-in-law' etc for cards, so I hope the family doesn't mind!  I'm sure they know how much I love them, even if the card doesn't specifically say so!
I only started to get moderately good at card making last Christmas, when it suddenly all came together, so getting last years stamps and papers out was so lovely, it's like visiting old friends, but I'm bound to add a few new ones before December (you know me!)
Thanks for dropping by today.
Jane xx


  1. Lovely card. I bought the magazine today :o) I wasn't supposed to be buying any more this month but I needed a pick me up. Whether I'll use them is another matter. Adrian sometimes gets orders for me from work but the always need to have them with a relationship sentiment on the front. IMHO it quite often spoils the card but, hey-ho, the customer is always right :o(

    Margaret xx

    ps replied on my post to your comment on the rosette :o)

  2. Great card. I love those papers from MME, I have them too. They are really subtle colours and designs. I agree about relationship sentiments on cards unless it's a design feature. I don't think a card needs to have the relationship stated to mean something. x x


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