Prima Papers

Do you ever have a situation where you buy some papers for a particular project, then don't know what to do with the rest of the pad?  I've done this recently because I've bought some Prima Papers called 'Melody' which I used one sheet of for the ruby wedding anniversary cards I made a little while back.  The papers are all works of art, but I haven't had a clue what to do with them.  Then on Wednesday I was thumbing through one of my old magazines and admiring some cards in there.  After a few minutes I twigged that the papers in the article were the very same ones I own.
So I leapt to my desk and made this:

I used my white jelly-roll pen to do all the stitching by hand.  It's the first time I've had the nerve to do it and I'm really pleased with the result.  Not a stamp in sight, I'm afraid, which is unusual for me.  I'm inspired now, and hope I can do these papers justice with future creations.
Now, before I go, a quick question for you.  I've been reading lots of blogs and watching Youtube videos about how people store their stamps.  So how do you store yours?  Up until now I've kept them in a drawer in those plastic wallets you put in clip files, but it hasn't worked very well.  Then last week I was in Wilkinsons and saw these plastic wallets:
They're only 30p each and zip up totally, so no tiny stamps can escape.  Obviously they're see-through so you can find your stamps really easily.  I bought another 10 today and feel a lot more organised.  They stack really well in my drawer, too, so I'm really pleased.
Have a great weekend, everyone.  Thanks for popping in.  And I really would like to know how you store your stamps...
Jane xx


  1. Hi Jane, OMW! how yummy are those papers and you have made a stunning card with them. Love the stamp storage idea.

    Donna x

  2. stunning card the gorgeous paper and colours.
    i keep my stamps in a drawer cd tower.i just keep mine in their original packets and have different drawers for different brands.

    xx coops xx

  3. Hey Jane, lovely card. I really like the faux stitching, it looks great.
    Most of my stamps are wood mounted and I store them rubber side down in plastic stacking drawer units. They take up a lot of room though. My acrylic stamps are kept in a plastic box in their original packaging - not ideal, have to rummage around to find the set I want. Those plastic wallets look like a great idea - a good find.
    Michelle x
    PS The journal I'm working on, I started after the transmission date in June - took me a while to decide that I wanted to do it. I'd contact Kirsty Wiseman and see if she has anymore kits left. If she has, she'll email you the manual and all the links to Flickr and Ustream etc.

  4. Another pretty card.

    No stamps here, so storage is not an issue. *S*


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