Bad Boy

This is a page I've just finished for last November when we took Barnaby to a dressage competition.  He was so naughty in the end I couldn't ride him and hubby had to do it! Here's the page.

The letters that say 'Bad Boy' are chipboard.  They are really brightly coloured, so I covered them in plain blue paper, then stamped on them with a floral stamp, which is much more what I had in mind.  The newspaper cutting bottom left is from when Barnaby got stuck over his stable door and had to be rescued by the fire brigade.  I found out later we'd been in the paper and managed  to track down the cutting.  It seemed  to fit with this page of equine naughtiness!
I have only done this in a normal scrapook and have one more to go before I can start using proper 12" x 12" paper, which I'm really looking forward to, but using a normal book has meant I've had to be quite inventive.  I've also noticed I go into a slightly different brain mode when I'm scrapbooking as opposed to card making.  I can take up to two days to put a scrapbook page together and don't stick anything down until I'm completely satisfied, otherwise I'll start thinking, 'I could have done that!' afterwards, when it's too late.  I have learned so much about paper and layouts and my own imagination.  A couple of months ago I thought it was silly to do such an amateur book, but one of the pages, where I've said what I really think, nearly made me cry when I came across it the other day.  It's such a wonderful way of preserving memories rather than having a pile of photos and thinking, 'When was that? Who are these people?  When did we go there?'  I've noticed that I think in words, too, and find it really useful to write ideas down first, and then illustrate my thoughts.  No wonder it's such a satisfying hobby.
Thanks for dropping by today.  I hope you're getting time to craft or do whatever it is you like doing best!
Jane xx


  1. Good thing to write up what really happened that day, since in the picture Barnaby looks like a star. *S*


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