December Daily Part 2

Hello there everyone!
I'm back with the first few pages of my December Daily album.  You can see my cover here.
I've never done December Daily before but I was so impressed with what I've seen on Pinterest I just had to have a go this Christmas.
I trawled the internet and decided the papers I liked best were by Simple Stories and they're called Cosy Christmas. I am totally in love with the colour scheme.  I ordered the 6x8 papers, plus loads of stickers and journaling cards. I got mine from Craftie Charlie and I just want to give them a shout-out because I've ordered from them a few times now and I am always thrilled with how quickly they deliver, which totally makes my day.
Anyway, I gave myself a set of prompts, one for each day of December, which I am to fall back on if nothing better happens.  But by the time I did this, I knew I'd be going to a panto, going out for a skittles evening with my Bible study group and that I had two works' parties to go to, so I scheduled them in as well.  I took account of which weekends I'd be off and which weekends I'd be at work and around this I crafted my 31 journal prompts.
So here are the first few pages:

Sorry there's a bit of glare on the pics, I'll swap them for better ones asap, but the light is so bad every day at the moment, it's difficult to get nice bright pics of anything.

Anyway, Day 1: Advent calendar.  This is a little wooden tree, that has 24 drawers in it, all numbered.  We've had it for some years now.  I fill each drawer with tiny sweets and John and I take turns in opening ones each day.  Back story:  The first year, we didn't realise how small each drawer was, so I bought tiny jelly babies to go in them.  Unfortunately they were too big to fit the drawers, so John and I bit all the heads off and rammed the bodies into each drawer.  Not very appropriate for the season of peace and goodwill to all men, but there we are!!

Day 3: Christmas Card List:

I really wasn't sure how to do this at first, as I wanted it to be an actual working list that I can refer to again next year.  I have a lot of people to send cards to.  I asked for any tips on the December Daily Uk fb group and one lady said to write them and put them in a pocket.  In the end, this is what I did:

Each flap lifts up to show the names of the people on each list, work/church/family etc.  I was so pleased with how this turned out.  I've actually started ticking them off.

Day 4: Pantomime

Every year the am dram society puts on a panto in the village hall.  I managed to avoid it last year but this year I volunteered (and the hubs!) and actually we thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm really glad we went (that doesn't automatically mean I want to go again next year though!)
So as you can see, things are coming along quite nicely.  I have never been behind, but I do have to be organised as I print my photos off at a shop in town so I'm going twice a week in December instead of only once, so I don't get behind.
Back soon with some more.
Thanks for looking in today, your comments are really encouraging.
Back soon
Jane x


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