December Daily: Days 5-8

Hi All!
I'm back with the next few days in my December Daily album.  As I am pretty much up-to-date with it I want to do all my posts for it actually in December if I can.
So without further ado:

Day 5: Presents for the grandchildren
I took a photo of the whole stack of presents bought for our 6 grandchildren.  I am using Stampin Up's Real Red, Chocolate Chip, Cherry Cobbler and Very Vanilla for any add-in pages I want to make.  I made a little tab card and stuck my photo on.  There are lots of little word stickers in the Cosy Christmas kit, so I put on: Santa Claus/He's making a list/No peeking.  The number 5 is made with the circle from the Clockworks kit and the numbers are from a Hero Arts journaling set.  There will be one of these for all 31 Dec Daily days, but if I just want to put in something general that happened I am using my regular date stamp.  The picture with the santa hat was so lovely I decided just to leave it as it is.

Day 6: Today's temperature

The left hand page describes an act of random kindness that happened at work that totally made my day so I wanted to include it in my album.  The right hand side shows a photo of the car dashboard as it was -2 and flippin' freezing! I added a sticker that says, 'Jack Frost nipping at your nose,' and another one that says, 'Bah humbug!' There's one at the top that says, 'Let it snow,' so I've put 'no!' next to it. (I don't do winter!)
That's why, underneath there is a picture of my first Costa hot chocolate for December, as I needed it to warm up!  Yes, I am a Costa-babe and proud!  I am taking it as a personal challenge this month to try all of the festive drinks they have on offer.  I looked at the little card bottom right for ages, debating whether to tick 'naughty' or 'nice' and then decided it had to be both!

Day 7:  In Town
So here's the story.  We go to town to go to church and it just happens to be the day of the Santa Fun Run.  The entrance to church is surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of Santas.  It is quite surreal!  Of course I have to take some pics, it's a gift to anyone doing Dec Daily really.

Yes, there is a picture of a Santa with her dog!  Who knew? 
But we'd actually gone to church for the Christingle service.  I realised I've been doing this all my life and have probably never missed one.  I decided not to take a photo until we got home. I got a sheet of acetate and wrote 'The real reason for the season - Jesus, the light of the world,' rather than writing it on the actual photo.  I challenge myself to have at least one 6x8 photo each month, because they just look fab.  I also include one acetate page and one vellum page if it's at all possible.

Day 8: Secret Santa

We do a Secret Santa at work every year.  We have to pick one member of staff and one resident and buy a present for them. I don't think it's particularly secret this year, to be honest, I think we all know who's buying for who, but never mind!
The resident I picked likes her sleep (almost as much as I do!!)  I knew I wanted to buy her pyjamas and when I saw these with 'I love sleep' on I realised they'd be perfect.  Then the next thing I knew, John had bought a pair for me as well!  I used some Teresa Collins Stationery Noted paper for this, that has little grey dots on.  The bauble at the top is a long sticker from the Cosy Christmas kit.  Very happy with this page.

So that's it for now.  I should be back soon with the next few pages, but I'm at work for the next couple of days.
Happy crafting everyone!
Jane xx


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