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Helloooo, I have got a card to show you but I just want to say what a fantastic time I had at the Summer Crafting Exhibition at Doncaster Racecourse yesterday.  And I need to thank those that gave me advice for coping strategies, like 'wear strong shoes' and 'sharpen your elbows'!  Ladies, all I can say is, "You weren't wrong!"  The stalls were all very close together, it was extremely hot and I can honestly say I've never seen so many women crammed into such a small space.  The cafeterias were so busy there were people sitting on the floor eating their lunch!  It was incredible.  Plus we queued for twenty minutes only to be told they only accepted cash.  'Strewth.
All the cards and stamps seemed so much bigger and brighter in real life.  I was a bit blown away by some of it, and thought, 'I'll never be able to do that,' but I think it's because I was so overwhelmed.  I was thrilled to find the Lili of the Valley stand (but fancy having a spending limit of £30 for card transactions!) and of course, to see Donna on the Little Claire's Designs stand.  It was great to meet Steve as well.  Obviously I had to buy a few things (obviously!)  How they cope with doing it two days in a row, I can't imagine, it must be exhausting.
I also came across the Hobbyart stand, and Jenny Mayes gave me a demonstration on how to use the stamps.  They are so beautiful (I have a couple of sets but I've never used them as well as she's done).  She did the painting on water colour paper with Aquamarkers, and they are truly outstanding.  They will certainly be on my shopping list!  There's no smudging like you get with paints or unevenness like you get with water colour pencils (well I do, anyway).  I am so impressed. 
I've also bought my first Distress ink (hubby said he was very distressed, I can't think why!) and a brayer and a few other bits and bobs which I can't wait to try out.
It was quite exhausting, but I would definitely go again.  A lovely woman at The Stamp Man showed me how to use the distress inks (I really liked their stuff) and I was thrilled to see a stand for The Craft Genie, as that leads me onto the card I want to show you.  I'd never heard of them until last weekend, when I ordered the die cuts to make this card:
When they arrived I was quite shocked to find these ladies were completely blank.  Help!  I really had to look at them in detail to work out how to colour the hair, the shoes, (the boots were a lot easier) the jewellery and the mouths. But in the end it was a doddle and I really enjoyed doing it.  I didn't notice on the website, but did see at the show, that they've got little Eiffel Tower dies which they did amazing things with, so I'll have to have a go at those, too.
It's funny how, with crafting, you keep telling yourself you're not going to buy any new stuff, and then.... well, what's a girl to do?!
Thanks for dropping by today, I really appreciate your input into my little crafting world.
Jane xx


  1. Hi Jane, it was really great to meet you hun, just wished there had been more time to have a good old chat. Yes it was soooo busy! I'm so glad you had a great time too. Love your fab card, the ladies look fab all in a row. A really great die cut set.

    Donna x

  2. Glad that you had a good day. It's a minefield trying to get in and out of stands without standing on toes lol Or being swept into a stand that you didn't want to see because you're surrounded by those who do. I love it though and go to four, five or six if I can, :o)

  3. Happy to hear you had a good day. It's amazing what interest there is in crafting out there.

    Love the images on the new card. Sophistication and whimsy all in one...something you seem to excel at!

  4. gorgeous card jane.the stylish ladies look fab , really modern and funky :D
    enjoy using your new gooodies ;D

    xx coops xx


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