A Walk In The Park

I have finally given in and been to Hobbycraft and bought the Project Life Blush edition.  I've bought the card set and the 12x12 paper and today my 6x4 plain cards arrived.  It is such beautiful stuff, I was so excited to play work with this!
We took our granddaughter to Twin Lakes last weekend.  We bought a photograph after John and she had been on the log flume, so I knew I was going to start with a full page spread.  This is what I did:

I have liked the look of the Blush colours for a long time, they're very feminine.  I had to wait for my 6x4 cards to come so I could put in the wording 'braver than me!' with my die cut letters (braver than me because I'm too scared to go on anything!)  I've drawn a pen line all the way around the outside, I don't know if you can see that.  I've added some lovely October Afternoon stickers.  The one with the butterfly says, 'Walk in the park.'  How perfect is that?

This is the right hand page.  I loved picking out the cards.  There are so many to choose from I found it quite overwhelming at first.  Then I was nervous about writing on them in case I ruined it, whereas if it's my cards I can throw it away and make another one.  The top right space is cut from a 12x12 sheet as well.  I love it all so much, it's everything I ever wanted to do with paper!
Thanks for looking in today, your comments are much appreciated.
Jane xx


  1. I think your layouts are lovely and the Blush cards are very pretty. The thing about Project Life is that there is just too much choice - I want them all!!! You shouldn't worry about writing on the cards, I'm sure you could layer something over the top if you do make a mistake, and at least your handwriting is good, which is more than I can say out mine! Looks like you had a great time, at the theme park. x x

  2. This is looking really good, Jane. I've been doing some scrapbooking lately, so much that I've wanted to do still looking at me waiting to be displayed!!

    Margaret xx


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