Christmas Is Coming! (And 'Knowing Your Style')

I started off the year making Christmas cards and was doing quite well, but there's no incentive in June and July, is there?  So, let the panic begin!
Actually I've decided to make at least 2 cards each time I make something I like, so this is what I made on Tuesday:
Again, I seem to have used a cluster of different products, but I really like the end result.  And I do think by the time you've got one the way you like it, you may as well make another one.
The base is real red, C6 size.  On top of that is a piece of crumb cake, with white snowflakes on it, from a set that was free with my mag.  On top of that is a piece of very vanilla, with my LOTV music stamp stamped on in crumb cake.  On top of that is this beautiful reindeer in chocolate chip.  I was just playing about with stamping something dark onto something light, and this is what I ended up with.

But what I really wanted to  ask today is, "Do you know your stamping style?" Because I'm finally starting to recognise my own, but I can't name it!  I just know what it isn't.
It isn't 'clean and simple' for sure.  Goodness knows, I'd like it to be, and I follow the Less Is More blog faithfully every week, and I really admire the entries, but I just can't do it myself.  I stamp a few things on a white card and it looks pathetic and I feel like I'd be ripping off the recipient!
At the other extreme is the shabby chic look, which usually looks like someone has taken a load of random objects and stuck them to a card.  Goodness knows how it fits into an envelope.  If I received a card like that I'd assume someone had sent me a load of stuff for my next scrapbook page and take it all apart ("Ooh, look, ribbon, that'll come in handy!")
I love the Colour Q blog, but I can't do that either, even though I love it.  I like the Freshly Made Sketches challenge, even though generally sketches are my worst thing.
So I've been hanging my head in shame, as I am useless at all these blogs.
But in the mean time, I've made this:

and this:

and this:

and suddenly I don't feel I'm doing too badly.
There probably is a name for my style.  There will usually be a stamp, some dsp and some embossing somewhere.  I think I'm totally in the middle between shabby chic and CAS.
But whatever you call it, the cards I make, make me happy.
And that's what counts, isn't it?
Thanks for looking in today.
Please leave me a comment, especially if you know exactly how to describe your style, or if you're still searching to put a handle on it.
Maybe you float from one extreme to the other, as the mood takes you.
I'd love to know.
Back soon
Jane xx


  1. Your cards are lovely (as usual) and you have your own style. So what if they're are not CAS, or shabby chic or whatever, they are made love and attention to detail. I love your colour combinations and the extra little touches that you add - so carry on doing what your are doing. x x

  2. Hi Jane, wow what a long way youve come, your style is just stunning and your cards are gorgeous. I hope the job is coming up to your estimation and your not over tiring yourself. hugs Shirleyxxxx

  3. You don't need a label Jane - your cards are lovely! I tend to make CAS cards but I like doing the challenges because I feel I like going in directions I wouldn't necessarily have gone! It's er... a challenge! The main thing is to have fun though I think. Vicky x


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