Black and White

This is my first ever attempt at a black and white card.

Sorry the photo's not great. I only realised I didn't have a picture of it after I'd put it in the bag and was too lazy to take it out! The bird cage is a peel-off I've had for ages. I've just seen some stunning ways to use peel-offs but generally they're not my favourite thing, but this one was perfect for what I wanted to do here. The white card is embossed with dots to give it some texture.

I have just put a general 'Happy Birthday' sentiment on here. I always wonder whether it's best to be general in that way, or whether to put, 'To a special sister,' or something. I think when people buy cards they are looking with a specific recipient in mind and you have to almost train them to 'think wider'. Although crafters see cards like this all the time, the average customer does not, so you have to encourage them to think a bit differently. I hope once a person has bought one of my cards, they will come back for more!


  1. Hello! I've come to pay a visit and look at your lovely cards. Looking at your sidebar (things to explore - embossing), maybe think about an anti-static bag and invest in a fine paintbrush to brush away stray bits of powder before you emboss the image. Also I give my card a flick on the back before embossing to get rid of loose powder. Hope that helps. M x x


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