Card For Sadie

Hello all,
I seem to be spending every spare minute making something at the moment, whether it's cards or stuff  for my PL folder (or my daughter's!) or preparing my first ever December Daily, my desk is never clear.
Don't you  think we have the best hobby ever?  It's perfect because it doesn't depend on the weather (speaking as someone who had a horse for years, being able to stay snug indoors and craft means a great deal to me).  It's a hobby that doesn't depend on anyone else for enjoyment.  When you have a horse, unless you have your own land, there is always someone telling you to bring your horse in, sweep up, tidy up, don't let your horse do that, you can't go in the school because so-and-so got there first etc.  I love being able to craft what I want, when I want, for as long as I want, that's what makes this hobby so special for me.
I need to make loads of cards for residents in November and December.  Here is the latest one:

I've seen several cards in this style (look out for some Christmas cards coming in December).  It's a great way to use up dsp.  I got the flower dies out and added 3 different styles.  I'm grateful to a friend of mine for reminding me the recipient is 90 otherwise I would have just put Happy Birthday.
The colour scheme is Raspberry Ripple and Gumball Green.
I've realised I've been a twit and sent out two cards without photographing them, silly woman!  Never mind, plenty more where that came from.
See you soon


  1. Gorgeous card, Jane. CAS at it's best
    Margaret xx


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