Tag Time

Hello everyone!  Hope you're all well and finding lots of time to craft.  August has turned out to be quite a busy month for card making and I'm only just getting round to some art journaling now.  Once the dreaded course work is done, it's going to be crafting all the way to Christmas, I can tell you!
Anyway, for the card swap group in August I challenged everyone to make a tag.  Making a card to go with it was optional.  So here's my effort.  I tried something at first with Dylusions inks but I didn't like it, so I decided to have a go at this instead.  I've seen something similar on Pinterest, but to be honest they don't look anything like each other now!  The one I liked had a peg at the top, so I tried that but the peg was miles too big, so on went the button.  After that it was easy, as I have quite a few white things in my stash that all fitted perfectly on here.  Once I'd made it I was worried sick about posting it as the doily is very delicate, so I found a box that had actually had a stamp set in it, which was the perfect size, then popped it in a padded envelope, and there we are. 
This was for Victoria Jefferies, and she really liked it!
Back soon folks
Happy crafting!
Jane xx 


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