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I just have to do this...
I'm sure you've all seen the challenge blogs that use a photo of an item from a shop for inspiration.  It might be a blouse or a table cloth or something and you use the colours from the item, or maybe an element from the design, to make your card.
Well I've recently been into my local Next Home shop and am loving their products at the moment, and decided to incorporate some of them into my craft room makeover.  But when I saw some of them, I decided to share them with you, as I think they might make you smile!
This is a piece of wall art:

If you are a user of Stampin Up! products, does this not, in any way, remind you of at least one stamp set?  It looks like a combination of French Foliage and Artistic Etchings to me!  Maybe with a touch of Clearly For You thrown in.  I really had to giggle.  It made me think that if SU sold some massive stamps, this is what I'd do with them, do you know what I mean?
Here's the mug I bought.  I love drinking my tea out of this:

I think you can see where I'm coming from, but here's one last pic, just in case:
It just seems funny to me that crafters take their inspiration from designs all around them, and here, for once, it looks like the other way around.
They even had a scented candle called Very Vanilla.  That was the icing on the cake, really.
This post has provided a few sneak peeks of my craft room makeover.  Pop back soon for the big reveal.
Thanks for popping in today, and my question this week has to be, where do you get your inspiration from?
Happy stamping everyone,
Jane xx


  1. HI Jane...thanks for sharing these with us..yes that definitely looks like the SU set...and so does the pattern on the mug...looking forward to your craft room makeover


  2. You're so right Jane! Where do I get my inspiration from? Well, life really - everything I see! Vicky x

  3. hiya- I hope all is well with you, and you got a good reaction on your FB!
    hows Barnaby settling into his new yard? All still ok there?


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