Craft Room Makeover

Well that's an imaginative title for my post, isn't it? 
Anyway, way back at the end of March last year, we moved into our new house, and this was my craft room:
The problem is, this is the room you walk into from the front door, and I thought it was a bit overwhelming for visitors.  So now I've swapped rooms, and this is now the sitting room.  Unfortunately I didn't take any before photos of the middle room, which is now my craft room.  Just take it from me that the walls were dark pink and I didn't like it at all, it was quite dark and oppressive, and more like a bedroom.
We started by stripping  the wallpaper off, and painting, so now it looks like this:

John's painted it grey, lighter at the top and dark at the bottom.  To be honest, I wanted it like this to make it lighter, and it isn't really, but apart from that I love it. 

All the furniture is from Ikea.  The large boxes hold paper, my wooden stamps and my embossing gear, whereas the little boxes hold ribbon, flowers and Promarkers in individual colours.

My lovely wooden boxes from Ikea, painted to match the walls and ready for me to decorate.
Darling Desk, my ops centre.  I've put all my clear stamp sets on the shelf on the right, and it's brilliant to have them right in front of me.  I've noticed I've done a lot more mixing and matching of stamps since I did this.

The other side of the room, where we eat.

My favourite piece of wall art, and the inspiration for the whole scheme.
Sorry for the picture heavy post today, but couldn't resist showing you around.  I am thrilled with my new room, as you can imagine, and love coming in here to create.
Thanks for dropping in today, leave me a comment to let me know what you think of my new scheme.
Happy stamping, everyone!
Jane x


  1. What a fabulous make-over! I'm so glad you have such an excellent crafting space! thanks for sharing with us stickybeaks!

  2. Love your new crafting space Jane you must be really leased with..looking forward to seeing some creations


  3. Fab transformation lucky you to have such a great space to work in. Enjoy. Zx

  4. Thanks for sharing your craft room with us. It looks restful and inspiring - how do you keep it so tidy?! x x


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