I'm Back!

Wow, it's been an incredibly busy couple of months since I was last on here.  I've completed my coursework (I'm the only one that's done it!) and can now concentrate on cardmaking again in my free time.  I can't tell you how much I've missed it, it shows how important a part of my life it's become.
I did have a fantastic time doing some card making with the residents at work yesterday.  I was awake all night thinking what to do and decided to keep it really simple, just basic stamping and punching with the Posy Punch, but they were fascinated by it.  I suppose if you've never seen anything like it before (bearing in mind most of the residents are well into their 80's) it is a bit stunning, isn't it?  They had great fun turning the handle of my Texture Boutique and couldn't believe how the embossed card came out.  They were thrilled with what they made, so I think it'll be a regular fixture in their calendar from now on.  It was joyous to see the looks on their faces when they proudly showed each other their creations.  It just goes to show that crafting is for anyone of any age, doesn't it?
I've had a little bit of time to do some card making myself, fortunately.  This is one of my very recent creations:
I love the way these colours work together, which are Cajun Craze and Peach Parfait.  It's my first go with this colour and I've fallen in love with it.  In fact, what's happened is, I've fallen in love with last year's In Colours when it's nearly too late!  You'll probably recognise the stamps I've used from the Elementary Elegance stamp set.  I'm so glad I bought this now, I can see myself using it for years. 
Well I'd better go and jump in the shower and get ready for work.  Before I go I'd just like to say how wonderful it's been keeping up with all of your amazing blogs while I've been off, it's really kept me going.  Keep up the good work, you're an inspiration (you know who you are!)
Back soon, I hope
Jane xx


  1. My kind of colours... just lovely! I love this stamp set too and often find myself turning to it. That frame can work with all manner of things :) I loved hearing about you sharing your crafting talents at work -- we really do have an amazing hobby, don't we?

  2. How lovely that you're back - you have been missed. It sounds like the last couple of months have been really busy for you, and how delightful that you can share your crafting love with the residents.
    Stunning card to come back with. Those colours work really well together, and the stamp set is one of my favourites too x x

  3. I too like the retiring in colours so will have to stock up, but I also love what you've done with your card. It's great.

  4. Hi Jane, great to see you back. Love the gorgeous card.

    Donna x

  5. Hi Jane, welcome back to blogland, and well done on getting through your coursework, hope the results which Im sure will be fabulous.
    I agree that crafting is just brilliant for any ages, and what a clever girl you are keeping them occupied and loving it.
    Your card is stunning by the way, and youve come along way from your first attempts, hugs Shirleyxxx

  6. Hi Jane, it's great to see you back in Blogland! Your cards is great - I've not tried that colour combination and it really is fabulous. Congratulations on completing your coursework, you must feel a great sense of satisfaction. It's lovely to hear how you shared your passion for card making with the residents at work and it sounds as if you and they thoroughly enjoyed it! Vicky x

  7. Love the panels and the little crown in the corner of the focal image panel is adorable.


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