Sundays With Santa

So first of all, the good news.  After a lot of discussions, we have decided to keep the horses!  I am so thrilled and relieved, I can't begin to tell you.  Once we'd made the decision, things came together very quickly, and we have found a yard for the horses and a sweet little house for us, where I will have my own dedicated craftroom.  This is such a luxury I can only imagine it at the moment!
I've been to the doctor's for some stronger antibiotics, as I've been in agony with an ear infection that actually got worse.  I've only taken 2 of the new tablets and feel miles better already.  There's so much to do, I can't afford to be ill now.
And I've had time to make another Christmas card for the facebook challenge, Sundays With Santa.  The challenge is to use non-traditional colours.  I feel I have to tell you that first or you'll wonder what on earth I've done:
I knew I wanted to use Pool Party and Wisteria Wonder colours together, as they make a fresh combination that I love using for Christmas.  The two baubles are my new stamp set called Delightful Decorations.  They are amazing.  There's no other word for it!  I know this may not be the best way to use them, but this just started out as a prototype card that worked in the end.  I stamped the baubles and punched them out, but still didn't know where I was going with it (no sketch to follow).  Everything was very straight up and down on the card.  I decided to go and make a cup of tea while I considered it, got up, jogged the table and the lilac piece tilted like it is now, and suddenly, I liked it very much indeed!  Isn't it amazing how the slightest adjustment can make a massive difference?  I don't know if you can see, but there is silver string at the top of each bauble.  I am so glad I was able to do that, and it's thanks to the lovely Jo for giving me the thread.  Of course, it took 2 hours of searching to find it, but well worth it!
Now I'm off to try and get my head around a card for my son-in-law, which I have to make and post before we move.  No pressure, then.
Thanks for dropping in today.  Hope you're having a nice weekend.  I'm spending time with the dog, who is worried we're going somewhere without her, poor thing.
Back soon,
Jane xx
(P.S.This post has been modified to remove 50% of the exclamation marks.  Imagine what it looked like before!)


  1. Hi Jane, it must be such a relief to know that you are keeping the horses, I was concerned that you would find it difficult to let them go. I do hope you will be happy in your new home and the craft room is a bonus.
    A gorgeous card I also love that colour combo. hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx

  2. Such a gorgeous card, the colours work so well together.
    Sorry to hear you have been poorly, but glad you are on the mend. Good news about your boys, you must be so relieved. And as for the craft room, I am more than a tad envious! Enjoy x x

  3. What a fabulous post Jane! I'm delighted to hear that you get to keep your horses and will move to somewhere you obviously love already. And a craft room of your own? What luxury is that! I predict that you are going to get better very soon and will be full of energy for the move and I think the dog needs a lot of hugs!

    I love your Christmas card - those baubles are fab in those colours. You made me laugh with your reference to exclamation marks... I'm a bit guilty of this too! Vicky x

  4. OK, the card is secondary this time...Lovely...but the best news of all is the horses!! I was so upset for you. Now, I am delighted. The new home sounds perfect for you and with the horses still in the mix, what could be better?

    Congratulations!! Big time!!!!

  5. Woot woot . . . glad it's all finally come together for you.

    Beautiful card too xxx


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