Beginning Project Life

I've recently decided I can't stand it any longer and have succumbed and bought a proper Project Life folder and some inserts.  I've been working towards this for a long time and it's made me so happy to finally have one instead of sticking photos into a book like I have been since last August.

So why do I infinitely prefer Project Life?
1.  Because you don't need to stick anything down if you don't want to.  This is a massive bonus because I've changed my mind about this first double page spread about 8 times! 
2.  You can be as creative as you like or keep it really simple and everything still looks really good.  I've done everything here from using die cut letters and numbers, typing my words and printing it out, using my own handwriting, using proper photos, using parts from magazines, using free printables from the internet, the list goes on.
3.  PL folders enable you to scrap book, art journal or use it as a smash book, it's all down to how creative you're feeling.  You can buy 12x12 see through pockets and do a full page spread as the mood takes you.

Some thoughts for future pages:
1.  In future I will start with photos first.  I've been to the photo shop today but I had to draw a page layout in my notebook and state which photo was going where, because I've printed out photos before and not thought about which were portrait and which were landscape, and whether they were going to be 4x3 or 6x4.  This suddenly becomes important with PL so you don't waste money printing off photos that then aren't the right way up for your layout.
2.  I will let the photos dictate the colour scheme for the whole double page spread.  I'm going to use SU dsp for inspiration for what works well together, but some challenge blogs have good ideas as well, don't they?
3.  I've bought some PL dies so I can cut things out of magazines and print things off and cut  them out using the dies.  This turns out to be amazingly clever and time saving.
4.  I like the idea of secret journaling in PL.  I'm going to make some folded over sections and write on the paper underneath so I can be honest but secure that no one else is going to read it.
5.  I'm going to use up loads of dsp this way and will not be using any official PL cards.  There really is no need.  I've got loads of stamps that will be great for PL and I can use them with my SU inks because I can't stand it if the page isn't colour co-ordinated!
That's all for now.
Happy crafting everyone,


  1. Hi Jane, I'm also really excited about PL. It's the quickness of it all that appeals to me. Your pages look great and you've got lots of great tips too! Hope all is well with you. Sorry I haven't been visiting lately - Life has got very challenging around here. Vicky x

  2. Hi Jane. I really like your pages and I agree about everything being colour coordinated. I've been digging out some of my old stamps that will be perfect for my pages, and it's a great opportunity to use up little snippets of things. I'm also excited about using inks, grunge paste and masks/stencils - so much to think about! x x


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