Card For Marjorie

Okay, I'm going to confess:  I was actually going to stop blogging at the end of 2013, but I find I can't resist it.  I realise this is the first post of the year, though.  This was the card I made for a resident in December.  The colour is Blushing Bride, which I really love.
I am delighted to say that everyone in the Card Swap Group wants to keep going, so we will, which has cheered me up no end.  I am going to be more organised this year and send my cards off as early as I can.  I don't go into work on a Thursday until 5pm so I am going to use the whole of that day to craft.
1st Thursday: Card Swap group card
2nd Thursday: cards for residents
3rd Thursday: Christmas cards
4th Thursday: Art journaling.

I am carrying on with my journal/smash book several days a week as well.  I'm finding it quite addictive.
Back soon
Jane xx


  1. What a lovely card; it's so pretty.
    I'm so pleased that you changed your mind about giving up blogging, I would really miss you. I've often thought about it myself, particularly when life has been tough, but I think I would regret it.
    Also, really pleased that you are carrying on with the Swap group (as long as it's not a burden to you). I like your plan for Thursdays - v organised! x x

  2. lovely card Jane. I too was contemplating giving up blogging as I didn't do so much last year. Then I decided that the only way to use up my stash was to keep on doing challenge cards so I have to blog now as it wouldn't be the same just to make and not display or enter it. so, see you around Blogland!

    Margaret xx


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