Desky Maiden

Hello!  No card to show you today, but I am thrilled to be showing you my new desk.  First of all, here is the old one:
This is my beautiful bureau.  We've had a lot of fun together, and her storage capacity is vast.  But when you lift the flap down, the actual work space is quite small.  I am faithful to my furniture, and this desk isn't going anywhere, I'm just going to use her for storage.
But this is my new desk:
The workspace is much bigger and goes much further back.  I love the drawers on the right.  At the moment they contain all my punches, but this may change.  There's loads of room for my Bigshot on the top.

Here are all my shelves, with my Tim Holtz inks, and all the tools I regularly use.  The good thing about the old desk was that I could have everything I needed around me all the time, and this desk had to be the same.  I can't stand having to  jump up and down every five minutes to collect things.  Can you see the board on the left hand side is magnetic?  I'll be getting some more magnets so I can put photos on there.
And this is the left hand side, the part that intrigued me most:
It has two built-in drop-down drawers.  They're absolutely brilliant.  I am playing with them constantly!
I was so happy and excited I couldn't make a card on Sunday, I just kept playing with everything.  I'd like to say a huge thankyou to my wonderful husband who spent several hours putting it all together (and a TV unit, so you can imagine how tired he was by Sunday evening!) 
Thanks for dropping by today, and I hope you like my new workspace.  I'm going to have a lot of fun here, I can tell.
Have a great day, everyone,
Jane xx


  1. Ooh! it's fab Jane. Have fun in your new crafty space.

    Donna x

  2. I know just how excited you must feel Jane! This looks the perfect workspace with everything to hand. What a gem of a husband you have! Vx

  3. Fabulous! And such a good use of the space too. Question is, how long before it's overflowing? lol
    Margaret xx

  4. Congrats on your new work space. looks fab, love the drop down drawers!

  5. Looks fantastic! Nothing will stop you now with both lots of storage and workspace like that.

    What a super hubby, to put it together for you. He's a honey.

  6. Jane you won't know yourself with all this new space.....have fun


  7. How fabulous! Lots of lovely work space and storage. I hope you are having fun organizing it so it's just right for you. Enjoy x x

  8. love love LOVE your new desk- its bigger than my workroom!
    Great to keep the bureau for writing genteel letters in your best handwriting!

    So funny your comment on my blog- only someone who has been there could know the extreme discomfort caused by wearing thermals on a vigorous route-march :(

    Its just the way the horses calmly watch you struggling across to reach them, and then as you walk back they follow you all the way to the gate! LOve 'em!!


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